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This crate provides an String implementation which is optimized for string-manipulations, such as concatenating and slicing.

It is suited for situations where there are lots of dynamic concatenating and slicing such as, but not limited to, Parsers, Interpreters, Template Engines and more.


Event though this example doesn't actually improve the performance (even decreases it), it can demonstrate the basic usage of this library.

use dynstr::DynamicString;

fn main() {
    let s0 = DynamicString::new("Hello");
    let s1 = DynamicString::new("World");
    let con: DynamicString = s0 + " " + s1;
    println!("{}", con);
    let hello = con.slice(0, 5);
    assert_eq!(hello, "Hello");

Note: Any string that has less than 16 bytes is flattened. (Gets copied instead of being referenced.)



The StringIterator can be used to iterate over characters in a DynamicString.


The IndexedString provides an efficient random access over DynamicStrings it should be used when there are frequent random accesses on the same string.


A lazy (iterative) string matcher.



An immutable string representation with efficient memory management for heavy string manipulations.