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The dynasm crate contains the procedural macros that power the magic of dynasm-rs. It seamlessly integrates a full dynamic assembler for several assembly dialects with rust code.

As this is a proc-macro crate, it only exports the dynasm! and dynasm_backwards! macros. Any directives used in these macro invocations are normally local to the invocation itself, unless the filelocal crate feature is used. This feature requires a nightly compiler.

Additionally, the dynasm_opmap and dynasm_extract development features can be used to export two additional macros with matching names. These macros expand into instruction listing overviews and are normally only used for documentation purposes.


The whole point. This macro compiles given assembly/rust templates down to DynasmApi and DynasmLabelApi compliant calls to an assembler.

Similar to dynasm!, but the calls to the assembler are executed in piecewise reversed order. This is to allow the system to be used with assemblers that assemble backwards. Currently this is not supported by the dynasmrt crate, but this allows experimentation with it out of tree.