[]Trait druid::piet::RoundFrom

pub trait RoundFrom<T> {
    fn round_from(x: T) -> Self;

This is our own implementation of a "lossy From" trait, representing a conversion that can have precision loss. It is essentially adapted from https://github.com/rust-lang/rfcs/pull/2484.

If and when such a trait is standardized, we should switch to that. Alternatively, a case can be made it should move somewhere else, or we should adopt a similar trait (it has some similarity to AsPrimitive from num_traits).

Required methods

fn round_from(x: T) -> Self

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl RoundFrom<Vec2> for (f32, f32)

impl RoundFrom<Vec2> for (f64, f64)

impl RoundFrom<f32> for f64

impl RoundFrom<f64> for f32

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impl RoundFrom<(f32, f32)> for Vec2

impl RoundFrom<(f64, f64)> for Vec2

impl<T> RoundFrom<T> for T

Blanket implementation, no conversion needed.

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