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Embedded SPI helper package This defines a higher level Transactional SPI interface, as well as an SPI Transaction enumeration that more closely map to the common uses of SPI peripherals, as well as some other common driver helpers.

An driver_pal::wrapper::Wrapper type is provided to wrap existing SPI implementations in this driver_pal::Transactional interface, as well as a set of helpers for C compatibility enabled with the compat feature, and a basic mocking adaptor enabled with the mock feature.


Transactional SPI wrapper implementation This provides a Wrapper type that is generic over an embedded_hal::blocking::spi and embedded_hal::digital::v2::OutputPin to provide a transactional API for SPI transactions.


Error type combining SPI and Pin errors for utility

PinState enum used for busy indication


Busy trait for peripherals that support a busy signal

Chip Select trait for peripherals supporting manual chip select

HAL trait abstracts commonly required functions for SPI peripherals

ManagedChipSelect marker trait indicates CS is managed by the driver

PrefixRead trait provides a higher level, write then read function

PrefixWrite trait provides higher level, writye then write function

Ready trait for peripherals that support a ready signal (or IRQ)

Reset trait for peripherals that have a reset or shutdown pin

Type Definitions

Transaction enum defines possible SPI transactions Re-exported from embedded-hal