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Following this is a short example showcasing Dredd tests running against an iron server.

The name of the project in this example is assumed to be dredd-rust-test:


# My Api
## GET /message
+ Response 200 (text/plain)
    Hello World!

extern crate iron;
extern crate router;
extern crate dredd_hooks;

use iron::prelude::*;
use router::Router;
use dredd_hooks::{HooksServer};

// HTTP endpoint
fn endpoint(_: &mut Request) -> IronResult<Response> {
    Ok(Response::with((iron::status::Ok, "Hello World!\n\n")))

fn main() {
    let mut hooks = HooksServer::new();
    // Start the server before any of the tests are running.
    hooks.before_all(Box::new(|tr| {
        ::std::thread::spawn(move || {
            let mut router = Router::new();
            router.get("/message", endpoint, "endpoint");

    // Execute a hook before a specific test.
    hooks.before("/message > GET", Box::new(|mut tr| {
        // Set the skip flag on this test.
        // Comment out the next line and you should see a passing test.
        tr.insert("skip".to_owned(), true.into());


Run the command:

cargo build && dredd ./test.apib --language=dredd-hooks-rust --hookfiles=target/debug/dredd-rust-test

You should now see Dredd trying to run the tests against the binary that was just compiled, but actually skipping the single test it tries to run because we told Dredd to do so via a before hook.



Server that allows you to register hooks with the dredd test runner.


Server that handles the integration between dredd and the individual hook servers.

Type Definitions


A Dredd transaction parsed from JSON. Altering it allows for comunication with Dredd.