Trait dotenv::ResultExt [] [src]

pub trait ResultExt<__T> {
    fn chain_err<__F, __EK>(self, callback: __F) -> Result<__T, Error>
        __F: FnOnce() -> __EK,
        __EK: Into<ErrorKind>
; }

Additional methods for Result and Option, for easy interaction with this crate.

Required Methods

If the Result is an Err then chain_err evaluates the closure, which returns some type that can be converted to ErrorKind, boxes the original error to store as the cause, then returns a new error containing the original error.

Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<__T, __E: Error + Send + 'static> ResultExt<__T> for Result<__T, __E>


impl<__T> ResultExt<__T> for Option<__T>