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Load MagicaVoxel .vox files from Rust.


  • Data extracted from placeholder.vox for example and testing purposes


  • The default palette used by MagicaVoxel – this is supplied if no palette is included in the .vox file.
  • Container for .vox file data.
  • Represents an animation. The chunk is oriented according to the rotation (_r) is placed at the position (t) specified. The Rotation is instantaneous and happens at the start of the frame. The animation is interpolated across the sequence of Frames using their positions.
  • Layer information.
  • A material used to render this model.
  • A renderable voxel model.
  • Node header.
  • Represents a translation. Used to position a chunk relative to other chunks.
  • Layer information (raw).
  • A Signed Permutation Matrix encoded in a byte.
  • Group node.
  • Shape node.
  • Transform node.
  • A model reference in a shape node.
  • The dimensions of a model in voxels.
  • A voxel.



Type Definitions

  • General dictionary.