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dnsoverhttps - D'oh!

Resolve hostnames by sending DNS queries over HTTPS. It uses as the DNS resolver by default, hosted by Cloudflare. According to Cloudflare it is a privacy-first consumer DNS service. See for more information.

Based on


  • When specifing a URL, the hostname has to be specified as well for use in HTTP. The TLS Certificate received from the server is validated, but not checked for the correct hostname..
  • Only handles A and AAAA records for now (IPv4 & IPv6, this implicitely handles CNAMES when they are resolved recursively)

Example: Default resolver

let addr = dnsoverhttps::resolve_host("");

Example: Custom resolver

let client = dnsoverhttps::Client::from_url_with_hostname("", "".to_string()).unwrap();
let addr = client.resolve_host("");



A DoH client



Resolve the host specified by host as a list of IpAddr.