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DMA-Buf Heap Helper Library

The DMA-Buf Heap interface in Linux is aimed at providing a way for the user-space to allocate memory buffers that can be efficiently shared between multiple devices through the DMA-Buf mechanism. It aims at superseeding the ION Interface previously found in Android.

This library provides a safe abstraction over this interface for Rust.

Hello World

use std::fs::File;
use std::os::unix::io::RawFd;
use dma_heap::{DmaBufHeap, DmaBufHeapType};

let heap = DmaBufHeap::new(DmaBufHeapType::Cma)

// Buffer will automatically be freed when `buffer_file` goes out of scope.
let buffer_file: File = heap.allocate(1024).unwrap();
// Buffer lifetime must be manually managed.
let buffer_rawfd: RawFd = heap.allocate(1024).unwrap();



Our DMA-Buf Heap



Various Types of DMA-Buf Heap


Error Type for dma-heap

Type Definitions


Generic Result type with Error as its error variant