[][src]Trait digest::VariableOutput

pub trait VariableOutput: Sized {
    fn new(output_size: usize) -> Result<Self, InvalidOutputSize>;
fn output_size(&self) -> usize;
fn variable_result<F: FnOnce(&[u8])>(self, f: F); fn vec_result(self) -> Vec<u8> { ... } }

Trait for returning digest result with the variable size

Required methods

fn new(output_size: usize) -> Result<Self, InvalidOutputSize>

Create new hasher instance with the given output size.

It will return Err(InvalidOutputSize) in case if hasher can not return specified output size. It will always return an error if output size equals to zero.

fn output_size(&self) -> usize

Get output size of the hasher instance provided to the new method

fn variable_result<F: FnOnce(&[u8])>(self, f: F)

Retrieve result via closure and consume hasher.

Closure is guaranteed to be called, length of the buffer passed to it will be equal to output_size.

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Provided methods

fn vec_result(self) -> Vec<u8>

Retrieve result into vector and consume hasher.

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