[][src]Trait digest::DynDigest

pub trait DynDigest {
    fn input(&mut self, data: &[u8]);
fn result_reset(&mut self) -> Box<[u8]>;
fn result(self: Box<Self>) -> Box<[u8]>;
fn reset(&mut self);
fn output_size(&self) -> usize;
fn box_clone(&self) -> Box<dyn DynDigest>; }

The DynDigest trait is a modification of Digest trait suitable for trait objects.

Required methods

fn input(&mut self, data: &[u8])

Digest input data.

This method can be called repeatedly for use with streaming messages.

fn result_reset(&mut self) -> Box<[u8]>

Retrieve result and reset hasher instance

fn result(self: Box<Self>) -> Box<[u8]>

Retrieve result and consume boxed hasher instance

fn reset(&mut self)

Reset hasher instance to its initial state.

fn output_size(&self) -> usize

Get output size of the hasher

fn box_clone(&self) -> Box<dyn DynDigest>

Clone hasher state into a boxed trait object

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impl<D: Input + FixedOutput + Reset + Clone + 'static> DynDigest for D[src]

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