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🎲 die_parser

This crate parses the notation for die rolls as used in tabletop games like D&D.

It aims to do so in the most simple, easy and lightweight way possible.

    1.) "2d6"         (Roll 2 six-sided dice.)
    2.) "4d20 - 5"    (Roll 4 twenty-sided dice and subtract 5 from the result.)

    1.)    Roll {
            number_of_sides: 6
            number_of_dice: 2
            modifier: 0
    2.)    Roll {
            number_of_sides: 20
            number_of_dice: 4
            modifier: -5

❓ Getting started:

Try Roll::parse_roll()!


Holds information about a die roll.


The different types of errors that may occur trying to construct a Roll from a given input string.