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This is Diana’s integration crate for AWS Lambda and its derivatives (like Netlify), which enables the easy deployment of a Diana system on those platforms. For more information, see the documentation for Diana and the book.

This crate can be used to create handlers for AWS Lambda itself, or any system that wraps it, like Netlify. Handlers created with this crate will compile, but will not run without being deployed fully. In development, you should use something like Actix Web (and its Diana integration) to deploy a serverful system for queries and mutations, which you can more easily work with. When you’re ready, you can switch to this crate without changing any part of your schema logic. Full examples are in the book.



Runs a request for AWS Lambda or its derivatives (e.g. Netlify). This just takes the entire Lambda request and does all the processing for you, but it’s really just a wrapper around DianaHandler. You should use this function in your Lambda handler as shown in the book.

Type Definitions

A very generic error type that the deployment system will accept as a return type.