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dialoguer is a library for Rust that helps you build useful small interactive user inputs for the command line. It provides utilities to render various simple dialogs like confirmation prompts, text inputs and more.

Best paired with other libraries in the family:

Crate Contents

  • Confirmation prompts
  • Input prompts (regular and password)
  • Input validation
  • Selections prompts (single and multi)
  • Fuzzy select prompt
  • Other kind of prompts
  • Editor launching

Crate Features

The following crate features are available:

  • editor: enables bindings to launch editor to edit strings
  • fuzzy-select: enables fuzzy select prompt
  • history: enables input prompts to be able to track history of inputs
  • password: enables password input prompt
  • completion: enables ability to implement custom tab-completion for input prompts

By default editor and password are enabled.



  • Customizes the rendering of the elements.


  • Renders a confirm prompt.
  • Launches the default editor to edit a string.
  • Renders a selection menu that user can fuzzy match to reduce set.
  • Renders an input prompt.
  • Renders a multi select prompt.
  • Renders a password input prompt.
  • Renders a select prompt.
  • Renders a sort prompt.