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§A command line parser


  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License, either version 3, or (at your option) any later version.
  • This project follows Semantic Versioning 2.0.0


  • No debts. It’s an argument parser, so standard Rust is enough.
  • parse_file() helps parse arguments stored in your file.
  • docs helps make documentation for your program.
  • Optional bin feature provides a program which helps you generate simple Rust source code templates. You can run the program with help command for more details.


A program argument can be:

  • A command.
  • An argument.
  • An option.
  • A special phrase: --.
  1. Commands

    • A command can be anything which does not start with either - or --.
  2. Arguments

    • Same as a command, an argument can be anything which does not start with either - or --.
  3. Options

    An option starts with - or --.

    • - supports a single short format option.

    • -- supports a single long format option.

    • Option values can be anything.

    • An option’s key and value can be separated by either:

      • An equals sign =.
      • Or mutiple white spaces.
    • A boolean option has 2 values: true and false. The value is optional. If absent, true will be assigned.

  4. Special phrases

    • -- means: the program should process all phrases after it as arguments. This is normally used to pass arguments to sub process.
  5. Passing arguments to a program

    Must be in this form:

    program [command|arguments...|options...|-] [-- [arguments...]]

    in which:

    • [] means optional.
    • ... means multiple arguments.







Type Aliases§

  • Result type used in this crate