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This subcomponent of dfhack_remote contains all the generated code for interacting with DFHack remote API.

It contains two main modules:

  • messages exposes the protobuf messages. This is the standard generated protobuf.
  • stubs exposes the plugins and their RPC. DFHack is not using gRPC and this is a custom implementation

Internally these two modules are created under the generated module.

The terminology is based on gRPC: The stubs expose the feature from the plugin. They are built from a channel implementing the data exchange.

The code is regenerated under the condition that the environment variable DFHACK_REGEN is set.

This crates generates all its code directly in a source subfolder. It would likely be cleaner to use the $OUT_DIR, or macro to do this job.


  • Raw protobuf messages
  • Stubs exposing the feature of the DFHack remote API.


  • The Channel is the low-level exchange implementation.