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What is it?

Dexios-Core is a library used for managing cryptographic functions and headers that adhere to the Dexios format.


Dexios-Core uses modern, secure and audited1 AEADs for encryption and decryption.

You may find the audits for both AES-256-GCM and XChaCha20-Poly1305 on the NCC Group’s website.

1 Deoxys-II-256 does not have an official audit, so use it at your own risk

Who uses Dexios-Core?

This library is implemented by Dexios, a secure command-line file encryption utility.

Dexios-Core makes it easy to integrate the Dexios format into your own projects (and if there’s a feature that you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate to open a Github issue).


If you like my work, and want to help support Dexios, or Dexios-Core, feel free to donate! This is not necessary by any means, so please don’t feel obliged to do so.

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You can read more about Dexios, Dexios-Core and the technical details in the project’s main documentation!

Thank you!

Dexios-Core exclusively uses AEADs provided by the RustCrypto Team, so I’d like to give them a huge thank you for their hard work (this wouldn’t have been possible without them!)


This module is used for standard, typical encryption and decryption.

The Dexios header is an encrypted file/data header that stores specific information needed for decryption.

This module handles key-related functionality within dexios-core

This module contains all cryptographic primitives used by dexios-core

This is a basic wrapper for secret/hidden values

This module contains all of the LE31 STREAM objects and functionality


AEAD payloads (message + AAD).



Trait for securely erasing values from memory.