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This crate is responsible for providing tools to access and modify information about spf records.
Provides methods for building spf records programmatically.

For a list of supported Modifiers and Mechanism. See Kind

This crate is able to deconstruct v=spf1 and spf2.0 records.


Feature Flags:

  • warn-dns (Disabled by default.)
    • This feature only applies to the Spf Parser and only warns of possible problems.
  • strict-dns (Disabled by default.)
    This enables syntactical checking of Domain Names.
    • When enabled it changes the behaviour of FromStr for Mechanism<String> and ParsedMechanism. By default Mechanism<String>’s rrdata is not checked.
  • serde (Disabled by default.)


  • This module contains the tools and functions to dealing with Mechanisms found within an Spf DNS record.


  • The definition of the Spf struct which contains all information related a single SPF record.


  • A list of expected possible errors for SPF records.