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This crate is responsible for providing tools to access and modify information about spf records.
Provides methods for building spf records programmatically.

For a list of supported Modifiers and Mechanism. See Kind

This crate is able to deconstruct v=spf1 and spf2.0 records.


Feature Flags:

  • warn-dns (Disabled by default.)
    • This feature only applies to the Spf Parser and only warns of possible problems.
  • strict-dns (Disabled by default.)
    This enables syntactical checking of Domain Names.
    • When enabled it changes the behavour of FromStr for Mechanism<String> and ParsedMechanism. By default Mechanism<String>’s rrdata is not checked.


This module contains the tools and functions to dealing with Mechanisms found within an Spf DNS record.


The definition of the Spf struct which contains all information related a single SPF record.


A list of expected possible errors for SPF records.