[][src]Crate dasp_window

Module for windowing over a batch of Frames. Includes default Hanning and Rectangle window types.

Optional Features

  • The hanning feature (or window-hanning feature if using dasp) provides the Hanning window function implementation.
  • The rectangle feature (or window-rectangle feature if using dasp) provides the Rectangle window function implementation.


If working in a no_std context, you can disable the default std feature with --no-default-features.

To enable all of the above features in a no_std context, enable the all-no-std feature.



A type of window function, also known as the "raised cosine window".


The simplest window type, equivalent to replacing all but N values of data sequence by zeroes, making it appear as though the waveform suddenly turns on and off.



An abstraction supporting different types of Window functions.