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Implementation of a Dash7 ALP protocol parser from its public specification.

§The protocol

The protocol specifies ALP Commands that can be sent to another system to communicate. Each command is an aggregation of ALP Actions.

The protocol is based on the fact that each communicating party hold a Dash7 filesystem. Each request toward an other device is then composed as an array of simple filesystem operation (ALP actions).

§About this library

The goal of this library is to implement a specification with an emphasis on correctness, then on usability. Performance and memory usage are currently considered a secondary objective.


use dash7_alp::spec::v1_2::{Command, Action, action};
use hex_literal::hex;

let cmd = Command {
    actions: vec![
        Action::RequestTag(action::RequestTag { id: 66, eop: true }),
        Action::ReadFileData(action::ReadFileData {
            resp: true,
            group: false,
            file_id: 0,
            offset: 0,
            size: 8,
        Action::ReadFileData(action::ReadFileData {
            resp: false,
            group: true,
            file_id: 4,
            offset: 2,
            size: 3,
        Action::Nop(action::Nop {
            resp: true,
            group: true,
let data = &hex!("B4 42   41 00 00 08   81 04 02 03  C0") as &[u8];

assert_eq!(&cmd.encode()[..], data);
let parsed_cmd = Command::decode(data).expect("should be parsed without error");
assert_eq!(parsed_cmd, cmd);


  • A Codec module specifying how to encode/decode each encodable items
  • Implementation of the specification compliant Dash7 ALP protocol.
  • Implementation of the Sub-IoT compatible compatible Dash7 ALP protocol.
  • Implementation of the Wizzilab compatible Dash7 ALP protocol.