Struct darwin_rs::simulation::SimulationResult [] [src]

pub struct SimulationResult<T: Individual + Send + Sync> {
    pub improvement_factor: f64,
    pub original_fitness: f64,
    pub fittest: Vec<IndividualWrapper<T>>,
    pub iteration_counter: u32,

The SimulationResult Type. Holds the simulation results: All the fittest individuals, the improvement_factor, the iteration_counter and the original_fitness.


The current improvement factor, that means the ration between the very first and the current fitness.

The very first calculated fitness, when the simulation just started.

Vector of fittest individuals. This will change during the simulation as soon as a new more fittest individual is found and pushed into the first position (index 0).

How many iteration did the simulation run.

Trait Implementations

impl<T: Clone + Individual + Send + Sync> Clone for SimulationResult<T>

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