Struct dac8568::Message[][src]

pub struct Message { /* fields omitted */ }

The Message that is eventually serialized and transmitted to the DAC The inputshiftregister (SR) of the DAC7568,DAC8168,and DAC8568 is 32 bits wide(as shown in Table1, Table2, and Table3, respectively), and consists of four Prefix bits (DB31 to DB28), four control bits (DB27 to DB24), 16 databits (DB23 to DB4), and four additional feature bits. The 16 databits comprise the 16-, 14-, or 12-bit input code


impl Message[src]

pub fn get_power_internal_message() -> Message[src]

Get internal power message [Untested]

pub fn get_enable_message(
    control: ControlType,
    data: InternalRefCommData,
    feature: InternalRefCommFeature
) -> Message

Get enable message [Untested]

pub fn get_write_message(channel: Channel, value: u16) -> Message[src]

Get write message, which will update a channel with a given value

pub fn get_payload(&self) -> [u8; 4][src]

Get the message payload

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Message

impl Sync for Message

impl Unpin for Message

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