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This crate and its associated crates provide a framework for generating QObjects from Rust.

See the book for more information.



  • This trait can be implemented on any CxxQtType to define a custom constructor in C++ for the QObject.
  • This trait is automatically implemented for all types which are marked as #[qobject]. It provides information about the type that is wrapped by the QObject, as well as the methods that Cxx-Qt will generate for the QObject.
  • This trait can be implemented on any CxxQtType to automatically define a default constructor that calls the initialize function after constructing a default Rust struct.
  • Types which implement the Locking trait are guarded from concurrent access in C++ (the default in CXX-Qt).
  • This trait indicates that the object implements threading and has a method which returns a CxxQtThread.

Attribute Macros

  • A procedural macro which generates a QObject for a struct inside a module.
  • A macro which describes that a struct should be made into a QObject.