[][src]Module cv_core::geom

This module contains functions to perform various geometric algorithms.

Translation along a bearing given one prior depth

This problem consumes a direction to translate along, a from CameraPoint, and a to NormalizedKeyPoint coordinate.

  • t the translation bearing vector
  • a the from point
  • b the to epipolar point
  • O the optical center
  • @ the virtual image plane
   |  /
   | /

The from coordinate is the relative 3d coordinate in camera space before translation.

The to coordinate is just a normalized keypoint that we wish to find the optimal translation to reproject as close as possible to.

The translation is a vector which will be scaled (multiplied) by the return value to get the actual 3d translation to move from from to to in 3d space.

Solutions to this problem:

It is recommended to use triangulate_bearing_reproject, as it is incredibly cheap to compute.



This solves the translation along a bearing triangulation assuming that there is a perfect intersection.


This solves the translation along a bearing triangulation by minimizing the reprojection error.