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This crate provides simple and cute logger.


  • timestamp - Enables timestamps in logs by means of chrono. Enabled by default
  • local_timestamp - Enables timestamp and attempts to use local time. Implies timestamp.
  • std - Enables use of std feature to provide RUST_LOG handling.


const LOGGER: cute_log::Logger = cute_log::Logger::new();
let _ = LOGGER.set_logger();
log::info!("it works!");

Log level control

The logger is made without any builtin filters.

You can either control logs through compile time features of log crate. Or use set_max_level from the log crate.

Supported platforms

  • Android - via NDK logging library, therefore it must be linked.
  • Wasm - via web console API.
  • Any other platform with std available.


pub extern crate log;


Simple Logger implementation