[][src]Function csv_core::quote

pub fn quote(
    input: &[u8],
    output: &mut [u8],
    quote: u8,
    escape: u8,
    double_quote: bool
) -> (WriteResult, usize, usize)

Escape quotes input and writes the result to output.

If input does not have a quote, then the contents of input are copied verbatim to output.

If output is not big enough to store the fully quoted contents of input, then WriteResult::OutputFull is returned. The output buffer will require a maximum of storage of 2 * input.len() in the worst case (where every byte is a quote).

In streaming contexts, quote should be called in a loop until WriteResult::InputEmpty is returned. It is possible to write an infinite loop if your output buffer is less than 2 bytes in length (the minimum storage space required to store an escaped quote).

In addition to the WriteResult, the number of consumed bytes from input and the number of bytes written to output are also returned.

quote is the quote byte and escape is the escape byte. If double_quote is true, then quotes are escaped by doubling them, otherwise, quotes are escaped with the escape byte.

N.B. This function is provided for low level usage. It is called automatically if you're using a Writer.