Struct crypto_markets::Market[][src]

pub struct Market {
    pub exchange: String,
    pub market_type: MarketType,
    pub symbol: String,
    pub pair: String,
    pub base: String,
    pub quote: String,
    pub base_id: String,
    pub quote_id: String,
    pub active: bool,
    pub margin: bool,
    pub fees: Fees,
    pub precision: Precision,
    pub min_quantity: MinQuantity,
    pub info: Map<String, Value>,

Market contains all information about a market


exchange: String

exchange name

market_type: MarketType

Market type

symbol: String

exchange-specific trading symbol, used by RESTful API

pair: String

unified pair of trading currencies, e.g., BTC_USDT

base: String

unified base currency, e.g., BTC

quote: String

unified quote currency, e.g., USDT

base_id: String

exchange-specific base currency

quote_id: String

exchange-specific quote currency

active: bool

market status

margin: bool

Margin enabled.

  • All contract markets are margin enabled, including future, swap and option.
  • Only a few exchanges have spot market with margin enabled.
fees: Feesprecision: Precision

number of decimal digits "after the dot"

min_quantity: MinQuantity

minimum quantity when placing orders

info: Map<String, Value>

the original JSON string retrieved from the exchange

Trait Implementations

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for Market[src]

impl Serialize for Market[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Market

impl Send for Market

impl Sync for Market

impl Unpin for Market

impl UnwindSafe for Market

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