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Cry is a advance cryptography library based on ECC and permutation.

Primitive for Cry.

Cry has two main cryptography primitive:

  • Elliptic Curve
  • Sponge Construction.

We can use these two primitive to build all the world of cryptography.

Elliptic Curve

Elliptic Curve has two types, point and scalar number. These define on $G_p$, $p$ is a prime number, also is number of elements.

Point on EC will persent by uppercase letter, $G$. scalar number will persent by lowercase letter $a$.

Sponge Construction

Sponge construction is a base of permutation cryptography. It can absorb data, squeeze data, or blender state.

We can use this to build hash function and symmetric encryption.

Cryptography toolkit

This crate support some algorithm based primitive abstraction. All algorithms list here:

  • keypair: Addition section for key deriving.
  • keyderive: Derive child keys for all type of keys.
  • strobe: A framework for symmetric cryptography and hash function.
  • DH: Key exchange based on asymmetric cryptography.
  • Schnorr: Non-interactive short zero-knowledge proof, for digital signature.
  • MuSig: Signature aggregated based on schnorr, this algorithm from bitcoin community.
  • Pederson: Pederson commitment.
  • SSS: Shamir’s Secret Sharing based on Lagrange interpolation.
  • VSS: Verifiable Secret Sharing based on asymmetric.
  • DKG: Distributed Key Generation.
  • Threshold: Threshold Schnorr Signature.
  • VRF: Verifiable Random Function


Define some type about asymmetric and symmetric key.

Define primitives for cry.

Schnorr signature and schnorr multi-signature.