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The crunchy unroller - deterministically unroll constant loops. For number "crunching".

The Rust optimizer will unroll constant loops that don't use the loop variable, like this:

This example is not tested
for _ in 0..100 {

However, using the loop variable will cause it to never unroll the loop. This is unfortunate because it means that you can't constant-fold the loop variable, and if you end up stomping on the registers it will have to do a load for each iteration. This crate ensures that your code is unrolled and const-folded. It only works on literals, unfortunately, but there's a work-around:

This example is not tested
debug_assert_eq!(MY_CONSTANT, 100);
unroll! {
    for i in 0..100 {
        println!("Iteration {}", i);

This means that your tests will catch if you redefine the constant.

To default maximum number of loops to unroll is 64, but that can be easily increased using the cargo features:

  • limit_128
  • limit_256
  • limit_512
  • limit_1024
  • limit_2048



Unroll the given for loop