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Tools for concurrent programming.


  • AtomicCell, a thread-safe mutable memory location.
  • AtomicConsume, for reading from primitive atomic types with “consume” ordering.

Data structures

  • deque, work-stealing deques for building task schedulers.
  • ArrayQueue, a bounded MPMC queue that allocates a fixed-capacity buffer on construction.
  • SegQueue, an unbounded MPMC queue that allocates small buffers, segments, on demand.

Memory management

  • epoch, an epoch-based garbage collector.

Thread synchronization

  • channel, multi-producer multi-consumer channels for message passing.
  • Parker, a thread parking primitive.
  • ShardedLock, a sharded reader-writer lock with fast concurrent reads.
  • WaitGroup, for synchronizing the beginning or end of some computation.


  • Backoff, for exponential backoff in spin loops.
  • CachePadded, for padding and aligning a value to the length of a cache line.
  • scope, for spawning threads that borrow local variables from the stack.


Atomic types.

Multi-producer multi-consumer channels for message passing.

Concurrent work-stealing deques.

Epoch-based memory reclamation.

Concurrent queues.

Thread synchronization primitives.

Threads that can borrow variables from the stack.

Miscellaneous utilities.


Selects from a set of channel operations.


Creates a new scope for spawning threads.