[][src]Trait crossbeam::epoch::CompareAndSetOrdering

pub trait CompareAndSetOrdering {
    fn success(&self) -> Ordering;
fn failure(&self) -> Ordering; }

Memory orderings for compare-and-set operations.

A compare-and-set operation can have different memory orderings depending on whether it succeeds or fails. This trait generalizes different ways of specifying memory orderings.

The two ways of specifying orderings for compare-and-set are:

  1. Just one Ordering for the success case. In case of failure, the strongest appropriate ordering is chosen.
  2. A pair of Orderings. The first one is for the success case, while the second one is for the failure case.

Required methods

fn success(&self) -> Ordering

The ordering of the operation when it succeeds.

fn failure(&self) -> Ordering

The ordering of the operation when it fails.

The failure ordering can't be Release or AcqRel and must be equivalent or weaker than the success ordering.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl CompareAndSetOrdering for Ordering[src]

impl CompareAndSetOrdering for (Ordering, Ordering)[src]

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