yuv 0.1.0

Conversion between various YUV (YCbCr) formats and RGB

YUV formats

This crate implements conversions from YUV/YCbCr formats to RGB. It also contains enums/constants for describing color spaces common in video formats.

Currently it's in an early stage, implementing subset needed for decoding AV1/AVIF.


  • Matrix conversion for BT601, BT709, FCC, BT470BG, SMPTE240
  • YCgCo (untested)
  • Identity pass-through (GBR)
  • Studio and full range colors
  • 8-bit, and 10/12 to 16-bit conversions


  • Gamma conversion
  • Color primaries conversion
  • Chroma upsampling
  • RGB to YUV conversion
  • YUV pixel convenience functions, like in rgb
  • 8-to-16-bit expanding conversion
  • HDR to SDR conversion?
  • Maybe HDR support?