yoke 0.7.3

Abstraction allowing borrowed data to be carried along with the backing data it borrows from
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This crate provides [`Yoke<Y, C>`][Yoke], which allows one to "yoke" (attach) a zero-copy deserialized
object (say, a [`Cow<'a, str>`](alloc::borrow::Cow)) to the source it was deserialized from, (say, an [`Rc<[u8]>`](alloc::rc::Rc)),
known in this crate as a "cart", producing a type that looks like `Yoke<Cow<'static, str>, Rc<[u8]>>`
and can be moved around with impunity.

Succinctly, this allows one to "erase" static lifetimes and turn them into dynamic ones, similarly
to how `dyn` allows one to "erase" static types and turn them into dynamic ones.

Most of the time the yokeable `Y` type will be some kind of zero-copy deserializable
abstraction, potentially with an owned variant (like [`Cow`](alloc::borrow::Cow),
[`ZeroVec`](https://docs.rs/zerovec), or an aggregate containing such types), and the cart `C` will be some smart pointer like
  [`Box<T>`](alloc::boxed::Box), [`Rc<T>`](alloc::rc::Rc), or [`Arc<T>`](std::sync::Arc), potentially wrapped in an [`Option<T>`](Option).

The key behind this crate is [`Yoke::get()`], where calling [`.get()`][Yoke::get] on a type like
`Yoke<Cow<'static, str>, _>` will get you a short-lived `&'a Cow<'a, str>`, restricted to the
lifetime of the borrow used during [`.get()`](Yoke::get). This is entirely safe since the `Cow` borrows from
the cart type `C`, which cannot be interfered with as long as the `Yoke` is borrowed by [`.get()`](Yoke::get).
[`.get()`](Yoke::get) protects access by essentially reifying the erased lifetime to a safe local one
when necessary.

See the documentation of [`Yoke`] for more details.

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