yaxpeax-6502 0.0.1

6502 decoder for the yaxpeax project


yaxpeax-6502 is an instruction decoder for the NMOS 6502 Microprocessor.

This crate implements the traits provided by yaxpeax-arch. However, the crate can be used independently of yaxpeax-arch for projects that wish, for instance, to implement a 6502 emulator.

Missing Features (Not Exhaustive)

  • NMOS 6502 illegal instructions
  • Rockwell 6502 instructions
  • (CMOS) 65C02 Instructions
  • Instructions for 65xx-likes which uses a Z register
    • The above three imply extending this crate with an architecture variant (which I've not done yet).
  • Good integration tests
    • Should Operand implement Eq/PartialEq?
  • Benchmarking