xtensa-lx-rt 0.12.0

Low level access for Xtensa LX processors


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Minimal runtime/startup for Xtensa LX processors. This crate currently supports the following CPU's:

Feature Supported CPUs
esp32 ESP32 (LX6)
esp32s2 ESP32-S2 (LX7)
esp32s3 ESP32-S3 (LX7)
esp8266 ESP8266 (LX106)

I get linker errors when I build for debug

Xtensa only provides a small code space for exceptions to fit inside, when building an unoptimized build the code size of a exception handler may exceed that size, causing a linker error. To fix this, you should always optimize this crate, even in debug builds. Adding the following to your projects Cargo.toml should do the trick.

opt-level = 'z'


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