work 0.3.0

A simple cli todo manager
work-0.3.0 is not a library.

Work: a terminal todo manager



  • use a sqlite database with rusqlite

  • command line parsing with

  • fuzzy finder built in with skim

  • config file parsing with confy


work ls to list all of your events. Ex:

[user@hostname ~]$ work ls
❌ | 1 | test
❌ | 2 | another another test
✅ | 3 | another test

work add <string of an event to add> add an event. Ex: work add "test"

work rm <event id> to remove an event. Ex: work rm 1

work rm fzf to remove an event or multiple through a fuzzy finder. Search through the events and press tab to select multiple.

work rm all delete the whole database of events.

work edit <event id> get to a prompt to edit an event. This will allow you to edit the name and make it done. Ex: work edit 1

work edit fzf the same as work rm fzf except multiple are not allowed.

work done <event id> Mark an event as done. Ex: work done 1

work done fzf the same as work rm fzf except marking events done. Multiple are allowed.


You will find a worktodo.toml file in ~/.config/worktodo/ this is the method of configuration. The settings are self explanatory. The config file will be auto generated on the first use of work.


emojis = true
backticks = true
verbose = true
show_id_in_ls = true
ask_for_confirm = true


The database file will be stored at ~/.local/share/worktodo/work.db It is a sqlite database.


  • Only works on unix systems for now (I dont have any windows stuff to test on for now).


It is on Yay!

cargo install work