wipe_buddy 0.2.0

Wipe thinkpad laptops with ease.
wipe_buddy-0.2.0 is not a library.

Project wipe_buddy

build status

Wipe thinkpad laptops with ease.


  • Detect all physical disks
  • Wipe all disks in parallel
  • Adjust backlight brightness to max
  • Allow direct shutdown from application
  • Protect physical disk mounted via cryptsetup or lvm
  • Queue shutdown until all selected disks are wiped
  • Rescan disks without application restart
  • Detect hotplugged disks
  • Show progressbar

System requirements

I developed this tool with Arch Linux as such it relies upon that platfrom. However, it should run on other linux platfroms as well.

It works on the latest stable rust, currently 1.17.0.

Setup instructions

To use this project I recommend installing a minimal Arch Linux on a usb stick (4GB or more).

Compile wipe_buddy with cargo build --release. The resulting binary should be placed inside the home directory of root or the sticks /usr/bin/.

Then run it as root or with sudo wipe_buddy.

Note: The stick does not need to connect to the network or run a graphical user interface.

TODO autostart wipe_buddy


Stefan Schindler @dns2utf8