winit 0.19.5

Cross-platform window creation library.
# Unreleased

# Version 0.19.5 (2019-11-04)

- On Android, fix the missing `raw-window-handle` support

# Version 0.19.4 (2019-10-16)

- Add support for `raw-window-handle` 0.3.

# Version 0.19.3 (2019-08-26)

- Update parking_lot version.

# Version 0.19.2 (2019-07-29)

- On X11, fix sanity check which checks that a monitor's reported width and height (in millimeters) are non-zero when calculating the DPI factor.

# Version 0.19.1 (2019-04-08)

- On Wayland, added a `get_wayland_display` function to `EventsLoopExt`.
- On Windows, fix `CursorMoved(0, 0)` getting dispatched on window focus.
- On macOS, fix command key event left and right reverse.
- On FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD, fix build of X11 backend.
- On Windows, fix icon not showing up in corner of window.
- On X11, change DPI scaling factor behavior. First, winit tries to read it from "Xft.dpi" XResource, and uses DPI calculation from xrandr dimensions as fallback behavior.

# Version 0.19.0 (2019-03-06)

- On X11, we will use the faster `XRRGetScreenResourcesCurrent` function instead of `XRRGetScreenResources` when available.
- On macOS, fix keycodes being incorrect when using a non-US keyboard layout.
- On Wayland, fix `with_title()` not setting the windows title
- On Wayland, add `set_wayland_theme()` to control client decoration color theme
- Added serde serialization to `os::unix::XWindowType`.
- **Breaking:** `image` crate upgraded to 0.21. This is exposed as part of the `icon_loading` API.
- On X11, make event loop thread safe by replacing XNextEvent with select(2) and XCheckIfEvent
- On Windows, fix malformed function pointer typecast that could invoke undefined behavior.
- Refactored Windows state/flag-setting code.
- On Windows, hiding the cursor no longer hides the cursor for all Winit windows - just the one `hide_cursor` was called on.
- On Windows, cursor grabs used to get perpetually canceled when the grabbing window lost focus. Now, cursor grabs automatically get re-initialized when the window regains focus and the mouse moves over the client area.
- On Windows, only vertical mouse wheel events were handled. Now, horizontal mouse wheel events are also handled.
- On Windows, ignore the AltGr key when populating the `ModifersState` type.
- On Linux, the numpad's add, subtract and divide keys are now mapped to the `Add`, `Subtract` and `Divide` virtual key codes
- On macOS, the numpad's subtract key has been added to the `Subtract` mapping
- On Wayland, the numpad's home, end, page up and page down keys are now mapped to the `Home`, `End`, `PageUp` and `PageDown` virtual key codes

# Version 0.18.1 (2018-12-30)

- On macOS, fix `Yen` (JIS) so applications receive the event.
- On X11 with a tiling WM, fixed high CPU usage when moving windows across monitors.
- On X11, fixed panic caused by dropping the window before running the event loop.
- on macOS, added `WindowExt::set_simple_fullscreen` which does not require a separate space
- Introduce `WindowBuilderExt::with_app_id` to allow setting the application ID on Wayland.
- On Windows, catch panics in event loop child thread and forward them to the parent thread. This prevents an invocation of undefined behavior due to unwinding into foreign code.
- On Windows, fix issue where resizing or moving window combined with grabbing the cursor would freeze program.
- On Windows, fix issue where resizing or moving window would eat `Awakened` events.
- On Windows, exiting fullscreen after entering fullscreen with disabled decorations no longer shrinks window.
- On X11, fixed a segfault when using virtual monitors with XRandR.
- Derive `Ord` and `PartialOrd` for `VirtualKeyCode` enum.
- On Windows, fix issue where hovering or dropping a non file item would create a panic.
- On Wayland, fix resizing and DPI calculation when a `wl_output` is removed without sending a `leave` event to the `wl_surface`, such as disconnecting a monitor from a laptop.
- On Wayland, DPI calculation is handled by smithay-client-toolkit.
- On X11, `WindowBuilder::with_min_dimensions` and `WindowBuilder::with_max_dimensions` now correctly account for DPI.
- Added support for generating dummy `DeviceId`s and `WindowId`s to better support unit testing.
- On macOS, fixed unsoundness in drag-and-drop that could result in drops being rejected.
- On macOS, implemented `WindowEvent::Refresh`.
- On macOS, all `MouseCursor` variants are now implemented and the cursor will no longer reset after unfocusing.
- Removed minimum supported Rust version guarantee.

# Version 0.18.0 (2018-11-07)

- **Breaking:** `image` crate upgraded to 0.20. This is exposed as part of the `icon_loading` API.
- On Wayland, pointer events will now provide the current modifiers state.
- On Wayland, titles will now be displayed in the window header decoration.
- On Wayland, key repetition is now ended when keyboard loses focus.
- On Wayland, windows will now use more stylish and modern client side decorations.
- On Wayland, windows will use server-side decorations when available.
- **Breaking:** Added support for F16-F24 keys (variants were added to the `VirtualKeyCode` enum).
- Fixed graphical glitches when resizing on Wayland.
- On Windows, fix freezes when performing certain actions after a window resize has been triggered. Reintroduces some visual artifacts when resizing.
- Updated window manager hints under X11 to v1.5 of [Extended Window Manager Hints](
- Added `WindowBuilderExt::with_gtk_theme_variant` to X11-specific `WindowBuilder` functions.
- Fixed UTF8 handling bug in X11 `set_title` function.
- On Windows, `Window::set_cursor` now applies immediately instead of requiring specific events to occur first.
- On Windows, the `HoveredFile` and `HoveredFileCancelled` events are now implemented.
- On Windows, fix `Window::set_maximized`.
- On Windows 10, fix transparency (#260).
- On macOS, fix modifiers during key repeat.
- Implemented the `Debug` trait for `Window`, `EventsLoop`, `EventsLoopProxy` and `WindowBuilder`.
- On X11, now a `Resized` event will always be generated after a DPI change to ensure the window's logical size is consistent with the new DPI.
- Added further clarifications to the DPI docs.
- On Linux, if neither X11 nor Wayland manage to initialize, the corresponding panic now consists of a single line only.
- Add optional `serde` feature with implementations of `Serialize`/`Deserialize` for DPI types and various event types.
- Add `PartialEq`, `Eq`, and `Hash` implementations on public types that could have them but were missing them.
- On X11, drag-and-drop receiving an unsupported drop type can no longer cause the WM to freeze.
- Fix issue whereby the OpenGL context would not appear at startup on macOS Mojave (#1069).
- **Breaking:** Removed `From<NSApplicationActivationPolicy>` impl from `ActivationPolicy` on macOS.
- On macOS, the application can request the user's attention with `WindowExt::request_user_attention`.

# Version 0.17.2 (2018-08-19)

- On macOS, fix `<C-Tab>` so applications receive the event.
- On macOS, fix `<Cmd-{key}>` so applications receive the event.
- On Wayland, key press events will now be repeated.

# Version 0.17.1 (2018-08-05)

- On X11, prevent a compilation failure in release mode for versions of Rust greater than or equal to 1.30.
- Fixed deadlock that broke fullscreen mode on Windows.

# Version 0.17.0 (2018-08-02)

- Cocoa and core-graphics updates.
- Fixed thread-safety issues in several `Window` functions on Windows.
- On MacOS, the key state for modifiers key events is now properly set.
- On iOS, the view is now set correctly. This makes it possible to render things (instead of being stuck on a black screen), and touch events work again.
- Added NetBSD support.
- **Breaking:** On iOS, `UIView` is now the default root view. `WindowBuilderExt::with_root_view_class` can be used to set the root view objective-c class to `GLKView` (OpenGLES) or `MTKView` (Metal/MoltenVK).
- On iOS, the `UIApplication` is not started until `Window::new` is called.
- Fixed thread unsafety with cursor hiding on macOS.
- On iOS, fixed the size of the `JmpBuf` type used for `setjmp`/`longjmp` calls. Previously this was a buffer overflow on most architectures.
- On Windows, use cached window DPI instead of repeatedly querying the system. This fixes sporadic crashes on Windows 7.

# Version 0.16.2 (2018-07-07)

- On Windows, non-resizable windows now have the maximization button disabled. This is consistent with behavior on macOS and popular X11 WMs.
- Corrected incorrect `unreachable!` usage when guessing the DPI factor with no detected monitors.

# Version 0.16.1 (2018-07-02)

- Added logging through `log`. Logging will become more extensive over time.
- On X11 and Windows, the window's DPI factor is guessed before creating the window. This *greatly* cuts back on unsightly auto-resizing that would occur immediately after window creation.
- Fixed X11 backend compilation for environments where `c_char` is unsigned.

# Version 0.16.0 (2018-06-25)

- Windows additionally has `WindowBuilderExt::with_no_redirection_bitmap`.
- **Breaking:** Removed `VirtualKeyCode::LMenu` and `VirtualKeyCode::RMenu`; Windows now generates `VirtualKeyCode::LAlt` and `VirtualKeyCode::RAlt` instead.
- On X11, exiting fullscreen no longer leaves the window in the monitor's top left corner.
- **Breaking:** `Window::hidpi_factor` has been renamed to `Window::get_hidpi_factor` for better consistency. `WindowEvent::HiDPIFactorChanged` has been renamed to `WindowEvent::HiDpiFactorChanged`. DPI factors are always represented as `f64` instead of `f32` now.
- The Windows backend is now DPI aware. `WindowEvent::HiDpiFactorChanged` is implemented, and `MonitorId::get_hidpi_factor` and `Window::hidpi_factor` return accurate values.
- Implemented `WindowEvent::HiDpiFactorChanged` on X11.
- On macOS, `Window::set_cursor_position` is now relative to the client area.
- On macOS, setting the maximum and minimum dimensions now applies to the client area dimensions rather than to the window dimensions.
- On iOS, `MonitorId::get_dimensions` has been implemented and both `MonitorId::get_hidpi_factor` and `Window::get_hidpi_factor` return accurate values.
- On Emscripten, `MonitorId::get_hidpi_factor` now returns the same value as `Window::get_hidpi_factor` (it previously would always return 1.0).
- **Breaking:** The entire API for sizes, positions, etc. has changed. In the majority of cases, winit produces and consumes positions and sizes as `LogicalPosition` and `LogicalSize`, respectively. The notable exception is `MonitorId` methods, which deal in `PhysicalPosition` and `PhysicalSize`. See the documentation for specifics and explanations of the types. Additionally, winit automatically conserves logical size when the DPI factor changes.
- **Breaking:** All deprecated methods have been removed. For `Window::platform_display` and `Window::platform_window`, switch to the appropriate platform-specific `WindowExt` methods. For `Window::get_inner_size_points` and `Window::get_inner_size_pixels`, use the `LogicalSize` returned by `Window::get_inner_size` and convert as needed.
- HiDPI support for Wayland.
- `EventsLoop::get_available_monitors` and `EventsLoop::get_primary_monitor` now have identical counterparts on `Window`, so this information can be acquired without an `EventsLoop` borrow.
- `AvailableMonitorsIter` now implements `Debug`.
- Fixed quirk on macOS where certain keys would generate characters at twice the normal rate when held down.
- On X11, all event loops now share the same `XConnection`.
- **Breaking:** `Window::set_cursor_state` and `CursorState` enum removed in favor of the more composable `Window::grab_cursor` and `Window::hide_cursor`. As a result, grabbing the cursor no longer automatically hides it; you must call both methods to retain the old behavior on Windows and macOS. `Cursor::NoneCursor` has been removed, as it's no longer useful.
- **Breaking:** `Window::set_cursor_position` now returns `Result<(), String>`, thus allowing for `Box<Error>` conversion via `?`.

# Version 0.15.1 (2018-06-13)

- On X11, the `Moved` event is no longer sent when the window is resized without changing position.
- `MouseCursor` and `CursorState` now implement `Default`.
- `WindowBuilder::with_resizable` implemented for Windows, X11, Wayland, and macOS.
- `Window::set_resizable` implemented for Windows, X11, Wayland, and macOS.
- On X11, if the monitor's width or height in millimeters is reported as 0, the DPI is now 1.0 instead of +inf.
- On X11, the environment variable `WINIT_HIDPI_FACTOR` has been added for overriding DPI factor.
- On X11, enabling transparency no longer causes the window contents to flicker when resizing.
- On X11, `with_override_redirect` now actually enables override redirect.
- macOS now generates `VirtualKeyCode::LAlt` and `VirtualKeyCode::RAlt` instead of `None` for both.
- On macOS, `VirtualKeyCode::RWin` and `VirtualKeyCode::LWin` are no longer switched.
- On macOS, windows without decorations can once again be resized.
- Fixed race conditions when creating an `EventsLoop` on X11, most commonly manifesting as "[xcb] Unknown sequence number while processing queue".
- On macOS, `CursorMoved` and `MouseInput` events are only generated if they occurs within the window's client area.
- On macOS, resizing the window no longer generates a spurious `MouseInput` event.

# Version 0.15.0 (2018-05-22)

- `Icon::to_cardinals` is no longer public, since it was never supposed to be.
- Wayland: improve diagnostics if initialization fails
- Fix some system event key doesn't work when focused, do not block keyevent forward to system on macOS
- On X11, the scroll wheel position is now correctly reset on i3 and other WMs that have the same quirk.
- On X11, `Window::get_current_monitor` now reliably returns the correct monitor.
- On X11, `Window::hidpi_factor` returns values from XRandR rather than the inaccurate values previously queried from the core protocol.
- On X11, the primary monitor is detected correctly even when using versions of XRandR less than 1.5.
- `MonitorId` now implements `Debug`.
- Fixed bug on macOS where using `with_decorations(false)` would cause `set_decorations(true)` to produce a transparent titlebar with no title.
- Implemented `MonitorId::get_position` on macOS.
- On macOS, `Window::get_current_monitor` now returns accurate values.
- Added `WindowBuilderExt::with_resize_increments` to macOS.
- **Breaking:** On X11, `WindowBuilderExt::with_resize_increments` and `WindowBuilderExt::with_base_size` now take `u32` values rather than `i32`.
- macOS keyboard handling has been overhauled, allowing for the use of dead keys, IME, etc. Right modifier keys are also no longer reported as being left.
- Added the `Window::set_ime_spot(x: i32, y: i32)` method, which is implemented on X11 and macOS.
- **Breaking**: `os::unix::WindowExt::send_xim_spot(x: i16, y: i16)` no longer exists. Switch to the new `Window::set_ime_spot(x: i32, y: i32)`, which has equivalent functionality.
- Fixed detection of `Pause` and `Scroll` keys on Windows.
- On Windows, alt-tabbing while the cursor is grabbed no longer makes it impossible to re-grab the cursor.
- On Windows, using `CursorState::Hide` when the cursor is grabbed now ungrabs the cursor first.
- Implemented `MouseCursor::NoneCursor` on Windows.
- Added `WindowBuilder::with_always_on_top` and `Window::set_always_on_top`. Implemented on Windows, macOS, and X11.
- On X11, `WindowBuilderExt` now has `with_class`, `with_override_redirect`, and `with_x11_window_type` to allow for more control over window creation. `WindowExt` additionally has `set_urgent`.
- More hints are set by default on X11, including `_NET_WM_PID` and `WM_CLIENT_MACHINE`. Note that prior to this, the `WM_CLASS` hint was automatically set to whatever value was passed to `with_title`. It's now set to the executable name to better conform to expectations and the specification; if this is undesirable, you must explicitly use `WindowBuilderExt::with_class`.

# Version 0.14.0 (2018-05-09)

- Created the `Copy`, `Paste` and `Cut` `VirtualKeyCode`s and added support for them on X11 and Wayland
- Fix `.with_decorations(false)` in macOS
- On Mac, `NSWindow` and supporting objects might be alive long after they were `closed` which resulted in apps consuming more heap then needed. Mainly it was affecting multi window applications. Not expecting any user visible change of behaviour after the fix.
- Fix regression of Window platform extensions for macOS where `NSFullSizeContentViewWindowMask` was not being correctly applied to `.fullsize_content_view`.
- Corrected `get_position` on Windows to be relative to the screen rather than to the taskbar.
- Corrected `Moved` event on Windows to use position values equivalent to those returned by `get_position`. It previously supplied client area positions instead of window positions, and would additionally interpret negative values as being very large (around `u16::MAX`).
- Implemented `Moved` event on macOS.
- On X11, the `Moved` event correctly use window positions rather than client area positions. Additionally, a stray `Moved` that unconditionally accompanied `Resized` with the client area position relative to the parent has been eliminated; `Moved` is still received alongside `Resized`, but now only once and always correctly.
- On Windows, implemented all variants of `DeviceEvent` other than `Text`. Mouse `DeviceEvent`s are now received even if the window isn't in the foreground.
- `DeviceId` on Windows is no longer a unit struct, and now contains a `u32`. For `WindowEvent`s, this will always be 0, but on `DeviceEvent`s it will be the handle to that device. `DeviceIdExt::get_persistent_identifier` can be used to acquire a unique identifier for that device that persists across replugs/reboots/etc.
- Corrected `run_forever` on X11 to stop discarding `Awakened` events.
- Various safety and correctness improvements to the X11 backend internals.
- Fixed memory leak on X11 every time the mouse entered the window.
- On X11, drag and drop now works reliably in release mode.
- Added `WindowBuilderExt::with_resize_increments` and `WindowBuilderExt::with_base_size` to X11, allowing for more optional hints to be set.
- Rework of the wayland backend, migrating it to use [Smithay's Client Toolkit](
- Added `WindowBuilder::with_window_icon` and `Window::set_window_icon`, finally making it possible to set the window icon on Windows and X11. The `icon_loading` feature can be enabled to allow for icons to be easily loaded; see example program `` for usage.
- Windows additionally has `WindowBuilderExt::with_taskbar_icon` and `WindowExt::set_taskbar_icon`.
- On Windows, fix panic when trying to call `set_fullscreen(None)` on a window that has not been fullscreened prior.

# Version 0.13.1 (2018-04-26)

- Ensure necessary `x11-dl` version is used.

# Version 0.13.0 (2018-04-25)

- Implement `WindowBuilder::with_maximized`, `Window::set_fullscreen`, `Window::set_maximized` and `Window::set_decorations` for MacOS.
- Implement `WindowBuilder::with_maximized`, `Window::set_fullscreen`, `Window::set_maximized` and `Window::set_decorations` for Windows.
- On Windows, `WindowBuilder::with_fullscreen` no longer changing monitor display resolution.
- Overhauled X11 window geometry calculations. `get_position` and `set_position` are more universally accurate across different window managers, and `get_outer_size` actually works now.
- Fixed SIGSEGV/SIGILL crashes on macOS caused by stabilization of the `!` (never) type.
- Implement `WindowEvent::HiDPIFactorChanged` for macOS
- On X11, input methods now work completely out of the box, no longer requiring application developers to manually call `setlocale`. Additionally, when input methods are started, stopped, or restarted on the server end, it's correctly handled.
- Implemented `Refresh` event on Windows.
- Properly calculate the minimum and maximum window size on Windows, including window decorations.
- Map more `MouseCursor` variants to cursor icons on Windows.
- Corrected `get_position` on macOS to return outer frame position, not content area position.
- Corrected `set_position` on macOS to set outer frame position, not content area position.
- Added `get_inner_position` method to `Window`, which gets the position of the window's client area. This is implemented on all applicable platforms (all desktop platforms other than Wayland, where this isn't possible).
- **Breaking:** the `Closed` event has been replaced by `CloseRequested` and `Destroyed`. To migrate, you typically just need to replace all usages of `Closed` with `CloseRequested`; see example programs for more info. The exception is iOS, where `Closed` must be replaced by `Destroyed`.

# Version 0.12.0 (2018-04-06)

- Added subclass to macos windows so they can be made resizable even with no decorations.
- Dead keys now work properly on X11, no longer resulting in a panic.
- On X11, input method creation first tries to use the value from the user's `XMODIFIERS` environment variable, so application developers should no longer need to manually call `XSetLocaleModifiers`. If that fails, fallbacks are tried, which should prevent input method initialization from ever outright failing.
- Fixed thread safety issues with input methods on X11.
- Add support for `Touch` for win32 backend.
- Fixed `Window::get_inner_size` and friends to return the size in pixels instead of points when using HIDPI displays on OSX.

# Version 0.11.3 (2018-03-28)

- Added `set_min_dimensions` and `set_max_dimensions` methods to `Window`, and implemented on Windows, X11, Wayland, and OSX.
- On X11, dropping a `Window` actually closes it now, and clicking the window's × button (or otherwise having the WM signal to close it) will result in the window closing.
- Added `WindowBuilderExt` methods for macos: `with_titlebar_transparent`,
  `with_title_hidden`, `with_titlebar_buttons_hidden`,
- Mapped X11 numpad keycodes (arrows, Home, End, PageUp, PageDown, Insert and Delete) to corresponding virtual keycodes

# Version 0.11.2 (2018-03-06)

- Impl `Hash`, `PartialEq`, and `Eq` for `events::ModifiersState`.
- Implement `MonitorId::get_hidpi_factor` for MacOS.
- Added method `os::macos::MonitorIdExt::get_nsscreen() -> *mut c_void` that gets a `NSScreen` object matching the monitor ID.
- Send `Awakened` event on Android when event loop is woken up.

# Version 0.11.1 (2018-02-19)

- Fixed windows not receiving mouse events when click-dragging the mouse outside the client area of a window, on Windows platforms.
- Added method `os::android::EventsLoopExt:set_suspend_callback(Option<Box<Fn(bool) -> ()>>)` that allows glutin to register a callback when a suspend event happens

# Version 0.11.0 (2018-02-09)

- Implement `MonitorId::get_dimensions` for Android.
- Added method `os::macos::WindowBuilderExt::with_movable_by_window_background(bool)` that allows to move a window without a titlebar - `with_decorations(false)`
- Implement `Window::set_fullscreen`, `Window::set_maximized` and `Window::set_decorations` for Wayland.
- Added `Caret` as VirtualKeyCode and support OSX ^-Key with german input.

# Version 0.10.1 (2018-02-05)


# Version 0.10.0 (2017-12-27)

- Add support for `Touch` for emscripten backend.
- Added support for `DroppedFile`, `HoveredFile`, and `HoveredFileCancelled` to X11 backend.
- **Breaking:** `unix::WindowExt` no longer returns pointers for things that aren't actually pointers; `get_xlib_window` now returns `Option<std::os::raw::c_ulong>` and `get_xlib_screen_id` returns `Option<std::os::raw::c_int>`. Additionally, methods that previously returned `libc::c_void` have been changed to return `std::os::raw::c_void`, which are not interchangeable types, so users wanting the former will need to explicitly cast.
- Added `set_decorations` method to `Window` to allow decorations to be toggled after the window is built. Presently only implemented on X11.
- Raised the minimum supported version of Rust to 1.20 on MacOS due to usage of associated constants in new versions of cocoa and core-graphics.
- Added `modifiers` field to `MouseInput`, `MouseWheel`, and `CursorMoved` events to track the modifiers state (`ModifiersState`).
- Fixed the emscripten backend to return the size of the canvas instead of the size of the window.

# Version 0.9.0 (2017-12-01)

- Added event `WindowEvent::HiDPIFactorChanged`.
- Added method `MonitorId::get_hidpi_factor`.
- Deprecated `get_inner_size_pixels` and `get_inner_size_points` methods of `Window` in favor of
- **Breaking:** `EventsLoop` is `!Send` and `!Sync` because of platform-dependant constraints,
  but `Window`, `WindowId`, `DeviceId` and `MonitorId` guaranteed to be `Send`.
- `MonitorId::get_position` now returns `(i32, i32)` instead of `(u32, u32)`.
- Rewrite of the wayland backend to use wayland-client-0.11
- Support for dead keys on wayland for keyboard utf8 input
- Monitor enumeration on Windows is now implemented using `EnumDisplayMonitors` instead of
`EnumDisplayDevices`. This changes the value returned by `MonitorId::get_name()`.
- On Windows added `MonitorIdExt::hmonitor` method
- Impl `Clone` for `EventsLoopProxy`
- `EventsLoop::get_primary_monitor()` on X11 will fallback to any available monitor if no primary is found
- Support for touch event on wayland
- `WindowEvent`s `MouseMoved`, `MouseEntered`, and `MouseLeft` have been renamed to
`CursorMoved`, `CursorEntered`, and `CursorLeft`.
- New `DeviceEvent`s added, `MouseMotion` and `MouseWheel`.
- Send `CursorMoved` event after `CursorEntered` and `Focused` events.
- Add support for `ModifiersState`, `MouseMove`, `MouseInput`, `MouseMotion` for emscripten backend.

# Version 0.8.3 (2017-10-11)

- Fixed issue of calls to `set_inner_size` blocking on Windows.
- Mapped `ISO_Left_Tab` to `VirtualKeyCode::Tab` to make the key work with modifiers
- Fixed the X11 backed on 32bit targets

# Version 0.8.2 (2017-09-28)

- Uniformize keyboard scancode values accross Wayland and X11 (#297).
- Internal rework of the wayland event loop
- Added method `os::linux::WindowExt::is_ready`

# Version 0.8.1 (2017-09-22)

- Added various methods to `os::linux::EventsLoopExt`, plus some hidden items necessary to make
  glutin work.

# Version 0.8.0 (2017-09-21)

- Added `Window::set_maximized`, `WindowAttributes::maximized` and `WindowBuilder::with_maximized`.
- Added `Window::set_fullscreen`.
- Changed `with_fullscreen` to take a `Option<MonitorId>` instead of a `MonitorId`.
- Removed `MonitorId::get_native_identifer()` in favor of platform-specific traits in the `os`
- Changed `get_available_monitors()` and `get_primary_monitor()` to be methods of `EventsLoop`
  instead of stand-alone methods.
- Changed `EventsLoop` to be tied to a specific X11 or Wayland connection.
- Added a `os::linux::EventsLoopExt` trait that makes it possible to configure the connection.
- Fixed the emscripten code, which now compiles.
- Changed the X11 fullscreen code to use `xrandr` instead of `xxf86vm`.
- Fixed the Wayland backend to produce `Refresh` event after window creation.
- Changed the `Suspended` event to be outside of `WindowEvent`.
- Fixed the X11 backend sometimes reporting the wrong virtual key (#273).