wikidot-path 0.6.0

Simple library to provide Wikidot-compatible path parsing


Simple library to provide Wikidot-compatible path parsing.

Wikidot accepts paths in an unusual manner: each argument is submitted as another "directory".

For instance, to access page scp-xxxx with options norender and edit, you would go to /scp-xxxx/norender/true/edit/true.

However this also extends its usage in a few minor ways. For instance, options like edit only make sense when true, but passing that field is always required by Wikidot. Thus the logical URL /scp-xxxx/edit doesn't work, despite it being rather clear to a human what the intent is. This library adjusts this by allowing "solo keys" (those without values).

Additionally URL normalization is performed. See the wikidot-normalize crate for more information.

Available under the terms of the MIT License. See


This library targets the latest stable Rust. At time of writing, that is 1.68.2

$ cargo build --release


$ cargo test

Add -- --nocapture to the end if you want to see test output.