wasmer-llvm-backend 0.17.1

Wasmer runtime LLVM compiler backend
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Wasmer LLVM backend

Wasmer is a standalone JIT WebAssembly runtime, aiming to be fully compatible with Emscripten, Rust and Go. Learn more.

This crate represents the LLVM backend integration for Wasmer.


Usage in Wasmer Standalone

If you are using the wasmer CLI, you can specify the backend with:

wasmer run program.wasm --backend=llvm

Usage in Wasmer Embedded

If you are using Wasmer Embedded, you can specify the LLVM backend to the compile_with function:

use wasmer_llvm_backend::LLVMCompiler;

// ...
let module = wasmer_runtime_core::compile_with(&wasm_binary[..], &LLVMCompiler::new());