wasm3 0.1.1

Rust bindings for wasm3


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Rust wrapper for WASM3.

This is currently work in progress and may or may not be entirely sound.


A simple example that loads a wasm module and executes an exported function to add two i64s together.

use wasm3::Environment;
use wasm3::Module;

fn main() {
    let env = Environment::new().expect("Unable to create environment");
    let rt = env
        .create_runtime(1024 * 60)
        .expect("Unable to create runtime");
    let module = Module::parse(&env, &include_bytes!("wasm/wasm_add/wasm_add.wasm")[..])
        .expect("Unable to parse module");

    let module = rt.load_module(module).expect("Unable to load module");
    let func = module
        .find_function::<(i64, i64), i64>("add")
        .expect("Unable to find function");
    println!("Wasm says that 3 + 6 is {}", func.call(3, 6).unwrap())


This crate currently does not make use of the cmake project of wasm3, meaning cmake is not required to built this for the time being. It does however require Clang 9 to be installed as well as Bindgen, should the build-bindgen feature not be set.


Licensed under the MIT license (LICENSE-MIT or http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT)