wasm-bindgen-macro 0.2.87

Definition of the `#[wasm_bindgen]` attribute, an internal dependency


Implementation of the #[wasm_bindgen] attribute. See the wasm-bindgen documentation for more information about what this macro does.


Testing of this macro is done through "ui tests" in the ui-tests subdirectory of this crate. Each Rust file in this folder is compiled with the wasm_bindgen crate, and the *.stderr file sitting next to it is the asserted output of the compiler. If the output matches, the test passes, and if the output doesn't match the test fails. Note that it is also considered a failure if a test actually compiles successfully.

To add a test:

  • Create ui-tests/my-awesome-test.rs
  • Write an invalid #[wasm_bindgen] invocation, testing the error you're generating
  • Execute cargo test -p ui-tests, the test will fail
  • From within the ui-tests folder, execute ./update-all-references.sh. This should create a my-awesome-test.stderr file.
  • Inspect my-awesome-test.stderr to make sure it looks ok
  • Rerun cargo test -p ui-tests and your tests should pass!

Testing here is a work in progress, see #601 for more information.