vocab 0.2.0

A command line tool for learning vocabulary in a new language


A command line application for learning vocabulary in new languages



cargo install vocab


init will create a bew vocab.sqlite file in the current directory. We recommend you use directories to label which language you're learning.


mkdir japanese
cd japanese
vocab init

This will help you separate and organise multiple languages.

Adding new words

add <local> <foreign> will let you add a new word as you learn it. <local> should be the word in your own language, <foreign> should be the word in the language you are learning.


vocab add japan 日本

Try a single word

You can try guessing a single word at a time

vocab single

Endless Mode

When you run the program with no other arguments it will enter endless mode (use ctrl+c to quit)


Export the database

You can export the database to csv file, either by naming it or via stdout

vocab export -f my_japanese_backup.csv


vocab export > my_japanese_backup.csv

Import your backup

You can import you old csv file in much the same way

vocab import -f my_japanese_backup.csv


cat my_japanese_backup.csv | vocab export

If the database already contains the vocabulary in the csv file it will attempt to reconcile the differences, choosing whichever set has more guesses against it.