usb-host 0.1.3

Traits for USB host driver development.


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This is a collection of traits that mediate between drivers for USB peripherals and USB Host.


This is still very early days, yet, and everything should be considered experimental. However, it has been used to write a driver for a boot protocol keyboard, and can presumably be used for other drivers as well.

The traits and structures defined in this crate are probably not sufficient for general use. They are being kept purposefully minimal to ease maintenance burden for implementors of these traits. If you think there need to be further definitions, please open an issue (or, even better, a pull request) on github describing the need.

A (partial) list of things that need to be changed, or at least looked at, is maintained in

Device driver crates.

  • bootkbd - A very simple boot-protocol keyboard driver.

Host driver crates.

  • atsamd-usb-host - Host driver implementation for Atmel's SAMD* line of microcontrollers.