urlencoding 2.1.3

A Rust library for doing URL percentage encoding.


Latest Version

A tiny Rust library for doing URL percentage encoding and decoding. It percent-encodes everything except alphanumerics and -, _, ., ~.

When decoding + is not treated as a space. Error recovery from incomplete percent-escapes follows the WHATWG URL standard.


To encode a string, do the following:

use urlencoding::encode;

let encoded = encode("This string will be URL encoded.");
println!("{}", encoded);
// This%20string%20will%20be%20URL%20encoded.

To decode a string, it's only slightly different:

use urlencoding::decode;

let decoded = decode("%F0%9F%91%BE%20Exterminate%21")?;
println!("{}", decoded);
// 👾 Exterminate!

To decode allowing arbitrary bytes and invalid UTF-8:

use urlencoding::decode_binary;

let binary = decode_binary(b"%F1%F2%F3%C0%C1%C2");
let decoded = String::from_utf8_lossy(&binary);

This library returns Cow to avoid allocating when decoding/encoding is not needed. Call .into_owned() on the Cow to get a Vec or String.


This project is licensed under the MIT license. For more information see the LICENSE file.