unicode-truncate 0.2.0

Unicode-aware algorithm to pad or truncate `str` in terms of displayed width.


Unicode-aware algorithm to pad or truncate str in terms of displayed width.

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Safely truncate string to display width even not at character boundaries.

use unicode_truncate::UnicodeTruncateStr;

fn main() {
    let (rv, w) = "你好吗".unicode_truncate(5);
    assert_eq!(rv, "你好");
    assert_eq!(w, 4);

Making sure the string is displayed in exactly number of columns by combining padding and truncating.

use unicode_truncate::UnicodeTruncateStr;
use unicode_truncate::Alignment;
use unicode_width::UnicodeWidthStr;

fn main() {
    let rv = "你好吗".unicode_pad(5, Alignment::Left, true);
    assert_eq!(rv, "你好 ");
    assert_eq!(rv.width(), 5);


unicode-truncate can be built without libstd by disabling the default feature std. However in that case unicode_truncate::UnicodeTruncateStr::unicode_pad won't be available because it depends on std::string::String and std::borrow::Cow.