uint 0.9.5

Large fixed-size integer arithmetic



Provides facilities to construct big unsigned integer types which use no allocations (stack-based, fixed bit length). If you want to use a predefined U128, U256 or U512 type, take a look at the primitive-types or ethereum-types crate.

The focus on the provided big unsigned integer types is performance and cross-platform availability. Support a very similar API as the built-in primitive integer types.


In your Cargo.toml paste

uint = "0.8"

Import the macro

use uint::construct_uint;

If you're using pre-edition Rust in your main file

extern crate uint;

Construct your own big unsigned integer type as follows.

// U1024 with 1024 bits consisting of 16 x 64-bit words
construct_uint! {
	pub struct U1024(16);


Basic tests

cargo test --release

Basic tests + property tests

cargo test --release --features=quickcheck

Benchmark tests

cargo bench

Fuzz tests

see fuzz README.md

Crate Features

  • std: Use Rust's standard library.
    • Enables byteorder/std, rustc-hex/std
    • Enabled by default.
  • quickcheck: Enable quickcheck-style property testing
    • Use with cargo test --release --features=quickcheck.
  • arbitrary: Allow for creation of an uint object from random unstructured input for use with fuzzers that use the arbitrary crate.
    • Disabled by default.