turtle 1.0.0-alpha.0

Turtle Graphics in Rust


Turtle graphics in Rust. This library is a tool for teaching programming by drawing pictures. Learning this way is both fun and interesting for students of all ages!

The idea: You control a turtle with a pen tied to its tail. As it moves across the screen, it draws the path that it follows. You can use this to draw any picture you want just by moving the turtle across the screen.

turtle start turtle moved


As a simple example, you can draw a circle with only the following code:

extern crate turtle;

use turtle::Turtle;

fn main() {
    let mut turtle = Turtle::new();

    for _ in 0..360 {
        // Move forward three steps
        // Rotate to the right (clockwise) by 1 degree

This will produce the following:

turtle drawing a circle

See the examples/ directory for more examples of how to use this library.


This is inspired by the Logo educational programming language and is featured in many programming languages. For example, Python comes with a built-in turtle module. This library is based on that module, but uses Rust conventions and best practices to accomplish the same goals.