tss-esapi 4.0.6-alpha.1

Wrapper around TSS 2.0 Enhanced System API

TSS 2.0 Enhanced System API Rust Wrapper

The tss-esapi Rust crate provides an idiomatic interface to the TCG TSS 2.0 Enhanced System API. We expose both direct FFI bindings and abstracted versions, aimed at improved convenience of using the API.

Our end-goal is to achieve a fully Rust-native interface that offers strong safety and security guarantees. Check out our documentation for an overview of our code safety approach.


The crate is still under development and thus the interface is not stable (despite the version number). As a rule of thumb, all versions marked alpha are expected to be short-lived and superseded by a better, more complete interface that relies on breaking changes.


This crate has currently only been tested with the TSS 2.0 open-source implementation. It uses pkg-config to find the include and library files for the tss2-esys and tss2-tctildr libraries. A minimum version of 2.3.3 is required for both. pkg-config tool is needed to build this crate.

Having installed the open-source implementation libraries at /usr/local/lib (by default), it might happen that pkg-config can not find them. Run the following command if that is the case:

$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig

Community channel

Come and talk to us in our Slack channel! Here is how to join the workspace.


We would be happy for you to contribute to the tss-esapi crate! Please check the Contribution Guidelines to know more about the contribution process.


The software is provided under Apache-2.0. Contributions to this project are accepted under the same license.

This project uses the following third party crates:

  • serde (MIT and Apache-2.0)
  • bindgen (BSD-3-Clause)
  • log (MIT and Apache-2.0)
  • env_logger (MIT and Apache-2.0)
  • mbox (MIT)
  • bitfield (MIT and Apache-2.0)
  • pkg-config (MIT and Apache-2.0)
  • enumflags2 (MIT and Apache-2.0)
  • num-derive (MIT and Apache-2.0)
  • num-traits (MIT and Apache-2.0)
  • hostname-validator (MIT)
  • regex (MIT and Apache-2.0)